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web development

Build responsive websites, fully functional, hight performing and secure for both frontend and backend.

web design

Explore various ways to engage visitors, creating the style and tone that will give your site a unique personality.

mobile app development

Cross-platform mobile development, using React-native for both fast app launch and cost-efficiency.

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E-commerce platform

Tunida is a platfrom that allows customers to buy fashion products online, and offers users a chance to sign up, create a Tunida account and list their products for sale. It is built using react/redux for front-end, and mongoDB/Axios for backend.



A hotel website, built with React, customers can view available rooms, search them, by price, room space or number of guests, and can view relevant features. It uses few styled components and for CMS it uses Contentful.


React-native app

A simple fashion app, that displays products and allows customers to browse and see each product details, and order online. It is built using react-native and redux.


A fishing shop

A fishing shop website, that allows customers to see all products, check each product details upon selection, add or remove it from the cart and of course get useful information about the shop like the address (map), and contact details. It is built with vanilla JavaScript.

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